Our Story

Ever since I was a young girl, I had dreams of going to Ireland. I was not quite sure what it was about Ireland that had fascinated me so much. My mom spoke of having relatives from County Cork. Still, I never understood why Ireland felt so important to me.

I grew up listening to the Cranberries and singing while envisioning myself walking in Ireland and smelling the rain. When I was a Senior in High school, my mom told me that my dreams would come true, and she had booked our whole family tickets on Aer Lingus! We spent two weeks in Ireland as a family and watched my dad try to navigate the roads and roundabouts while driving on the right side of the car. What a cherished and hilarious memory it will always be, and it is something I think about when I need a good laugh.

When I was in Ireland, I kept a journal and promised myself to write in it every day. I never wanted there to be a moment in my future where I might forget the memories my family and I shared. When I talk to my parents, something that comes up often is how we got lost for six hours in the Wicklow mountains. As a Senior in High school, I didn't care - I wanted to get lost. I would have lived there forever. My parents were terrified because they did not think we would be out before dark, so the journey was a bit more concerning for them.

To this day, I still have the journal. The memories captured were so vivid; it feels like yesterday I was there each time I read it. It is sad to say that year 2000 was the last time my whole family would be on vacation together. Maybe that's another reason why the journal and my travels to Ireland hold even more importance now.

Flash forward, and I am now a mother to three beautiful daughters in all different stages of life. I am a wife to an amazing, supportive husband who understands me probably better than anyone. We have many family memories of our own, but we have not made it to Ireland together-yet. We can't wait to go.

One day we will. I know this because one of my daughters enrolled in Irish dance classes in 2017, and she has been dancing ever since. She climbed through the ranks very quickly and is now an Open Championship dancer, which is the highest Irish dance level. The two of us have traveled to so many places together, and we cannot wait to continue our journey with the whole family. Her hard work will qualify her for Worlds one day, and we will be able to celebrate together as a family. I cannot wait for that moment because watching my daughter dance brings so much indescribable magic into my heart.

My career as a Family Nurse Practitioner allowed me to care about people. There was no better feeling than wearing a stethoscope and inspiring people to want to live quality lives. But, COVID-19 happened, and I lost my job. As upsetting as it was, I learned that I missed my family when I was gone. It's not that we didn't spend time together and didn't need that time away, but I realized I never want to stop enjoying watching my daughters grow. The gift of time that COVID-19 brought us helped that realization. I remember having many thoughts during the pandemic that "If the world ended today, I would be pleased with this moment." I find comfort in knowing my kids are happy and healthy because I want them to be the most outstanding female leaders they can be. I always joked about why my girls even needed me because they were always so independent. But, COVID-19 made it more apparent that by providing an even more solid foundation, they will never fall.

Those thoughts were the push for The Clover Grove's opening. I realized my passion lies within my family. There is no greater joy for me than to hear my husband and kids laugh and sing and dance. I cannot help but smile, thinking of our memories together, sitting by a fire, talking, baking, and playing games. I am their greatest fan and always will be.

At The Clover Grove, your family matters. We want our products to help you relax and enjoy the finer things- the smaller moments- in life. We want our products to help you make uninterrupted time to ponder your most authentic passions and spend time with those you love. We believe in hard work and luck, but we value the beauty of being you. Aren't you Lucky? I know that I am.

Much love,

Jennifer Janes