Hair Donut Chignon 4" Bun Maker Updo Styler

The Clover Grove

Hair Donut Chignon 4" Bun Maker Updo Styler

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The Clover Chignon Donut is a perfect, easy tool to help sleek the hair into a professional style or control the hair for an Irish dance wig or ballerina bun. It is ideal for weddings, casual events, interviews, meetings, prom, recitals, Oireachtas, Irish dance majors, and more. Perfect for kids of all ages, teenagers, and adults! In each holographic, sealed package, you will receive 2 brown, 4-inch chignon hair donuts.

It is so easy to use! Just make a ponytail and place the hair in the desired location. It could be a ponytail on the crown or top of the head, or you could make a true "chignon du cou" or bun at the nape of the neck. Once the pony is secure in the desired location, gently pull the ponytail through the center of the chignon. Gently wrap the hair around the donut and secure it with bobby pins.

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