The Clover Kiss Matte Liquid Lipstick - Oráiste Get It

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The Clover Kiss Matte Liquid Lipstick - Oráiste Get It

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Marigold Orange 

Color Pronunciation: O-Rush-Ta

You will never forget your first Clover Kiss. You can choose from 13 rich, highly-pigmented, easy-to-apply shades that last all day and are perfect for any occasion! Each color has a matte finish, goes on like a gloss, but dries smooth like lipstick. It does not rub off, smudge or smear and stays in place until removed. Made of vegan ingredients and natural minerals, the Clover Kiss is waterproof and paraben-free. You can wear it with or without lip liner for any occasion. It gives your lips a plumper appearance and makes for a perfect addition to your Clover collection! The Clover Kiss has a 36-month shelf life so that you can enjoy it for up to three years once opened! When the day (or night!) is over, you can remove the lipstick with coconut oil or makeup remover. Try all 13 shades! Mwah-XO